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Assalamualaikum wbt. kalini nak buat kelainan sikit je. see there? post in post yes it is. it may be such a long post but you can choose any subpost to read lol.

First subpost is about holiday as you can read lol hm i did nothing much during my holiday. normal things for us to do is playing our phone ALL ALONE by myself. that what i want. but bila kita ni main phone lama lama and then suddenly minta permission nak keluar sana sini memang dah tak mesra lah dengan family kan kan? hm but if our mom, do her work, adik adik main mainan dia. abang buat assignment and what should i do? disebabkan next year espiyem, i have to study, study, study, study, study lah kan? i didn't study at all pun because i know there's a lot of people like me. quite lazy at certain time. tpi untuk memuaskan hati orang rumah, buatlah buku skrap slad seperti yang dijanjikan dengan cikgu kaunseling. at least i have something interesting to do. lagipun kalau eden main phone pun, eden bukan buat apa apa pun. just scrolling photographer's instagram. ohemgee their pictures is absolutely incredible. hm envy. yng tu nanti cerita at the next subpost.

anddddd finally, my family went to genting highland for 2d1n only. at first i thought we're going to hve fun in the theme park but it was not. pergi sana just "cuci mata" and masuk Ripley's believe it or not museum + haunted adventure. takpalah at least we did something in there. and sana ada magician from south korea. hahaha our family is the first to come. when i'm trying to snap his picture, dia cepat cepat posing pandang kamera. lol masatu awkward lah jugak sbab takda pengalaman jadi photographer lagi kan. hahahaha Awana hotel sana, best sangat. fascilties yang lengkap. ada garden, ada park, ada pool, ada macam macam. hahaha sana scene for shooting sangat sesuai. Greeny mood. sangat fresh but the park macam tak terjaga. maybe orang datang genting untuk rest bukannya untuk pergi park sana en. itik itik nampak sangat lapar ad ada nampak "horse riding" dekat signboard tapi tak jumpa pun tempatnya. hahaha.

challenge park dekat putrajaya pun not bad the park is quite extreme especially for the wall climbing. sakit lengan sobs sobs. and the good news is i am the most powerful person among my siblings lol.


do you guys ever face "lypophrenia"? hm i did.

yes, i realized that "I'm the weird person that everybody ignores." this thing tak boleh nak dinafikan because when you're ignoring, i can know dat. oh my, sangat sangat sakit tau tak. i don't want to mention anyone because this is for you people. i always smile when i looked at you and i always do my best for you. please appreciate something i did before. yes, i know that you sacrifice too much for me but did you ever asked what is my problem or else? i can't hold this too long. haih

It is the way too much better! don't you think so?

at the time my heart is breaking, i'm trying to calm myself and trying to run from what i feel. sokongan is the best way to treat me that's all. i don't need much. maybe i can't make a great ending but at least you must help me by that way. i didn't mean to be mean but, please appreciate me hm

thanks for the advise taylor, i'll be alright but it takes time.

hi there. wanna take a look at "A Noobies"'s artwork? dear great photographer, do comment on my photography ad leave your number phone to help me lol jk.

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